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The chronograph will give people a good impression, it is the interaction between people and watch. We look at the time, Beijing time, London time, these are just the time you and social contract agreed, from what time to start and what the end of time, you are just a short corridor. Chronograph, can design their own time, start, stop, return to zero, all to Replica Watches myself about. Because the technology was born, etc. intelligent mobile phone table has the function of timing, table precision 100 times compared to the mechanical but, this "short-lived" goods not always reminded of those emotional and accessories. Cannot make the best use, with realistic utilitarian purpose can be used. Said mechanical tabulation is a primitive and great Swiss Replica Watches invention, because it is the timing source in human intelligence and continued for thousands of years, never change. In the eyes of many people watch is broadly divided into two categories: chronograph timepiece with ordinary table; table popular today, the absolute quality and size of the chronograph is a favourite, big enough to watch but small core, shell is full of complex mechanical parts, it is not the small core. Specializes in antique movement produced by the Swiss Armand Nicolet brand launched a rare and precious metal chronograph, the complicated technology and harmonious beauty of the perfect proportion, start stop, return to zero, the expression that reveals the wrist crisp, is also a kind of art.

The precious metal chronograph, these two seemingly contradictory elements com. of watchmaking division is not a small test. The traditional noble metal watches for the classical design, and with background motion Chronograph has stressed the need for precise timing and large diameter thick watchcase, table, if not to a proper extent of master design aesthetic will backfire, remember a famous Germany watch magazine has selected 10 "ugly" in a watch, wherein nearly half of precious metal chronograph. This Swiss Rolex Replica Armand Nicolet 7144A-AG-P914MR2 chronograph with elegant white facial disc is not snow white as monotonous and pompous, large central outer dial carefully and circle lines, as the wave patterns with small inner ring is designed to distinguish the central timing the market timing, second hand small, 45 time is twelve o'clock position, Switzerland (Ai Meida Armand Nicolet) brand LOGO, lower Breitling Fake Watches TRAMELAN for the brand in areas (TRAMELAN area for the Swiss Jura Mountains in the tabulation center, near LA Chaux de fonds, Bill, Neuchatel, the Swiss watchmaking Town, position is not inferior to the Geneva area; Bordeaux Grand Cru, but also prevent the great Burgundy romanee conti. The brand was introduced in 2012 by Chinese market); six point for AUTOMATIC and CHRONOGRAPH signs; face the overall tone of simple Che Liang, only the top watchmaking technology and artistic innovation to create watchcase and dial it. This is the most interesting of the 18 karat gold watchcase, watchcase with three layer of independent design Replica Cartier and the classic "double chin", in connection with the surface of the ladder surface mirror can stadia best visual showing (Tachymeter) timing; gold scale also have great originality with ready the tail design style, it also fits chronograph emphasizes the dynamic and precise timing; classical hollow luminous gold Royal needle and the tail "give tit for tat", luminous particles and scale tip forming harmonious beauty, immediately in the lighting conditions are still on the precision of the timing.

The classical field lugs with a 12 degree polishing technology, without the slightest sense of prismatic tooth steel tenacity, mellow texture with a chronograph; arc case with adjustable dynamic when the main table gap crown for the insert retaining bridge, guarantee the damage mechanism caused the crown force at the two o'clock position; Chronograph start Fake Omega Watches button and four o'clock position timing zero button, a prominent chimney type fixed button protective sleeve, not only can prevent dirt into the movement, and can cope with life's little nibbling small touch. The Swiss Armand Nicolet brand original "guilloche" bottom cover derived from the classical Renaissance aesthetics design style, sapphire crystal glass table bottom inlaid in gold spiral bottom cover, can take in everything in a glance to appreciate the beauty of movement structure process; the bottom cover engraved with 18 K gold standard mark: Three 750, the St. Bernard dog and balance. Table in the ear arch radian and prominent "guilloche" bottom cover balance, so wear up not because of summer too attached to the skin as a result of wrist sweat poor allergic. Because the chronograph to sports and invention, so the timing function can be accurate to meet the fierce competition requirements, therefore, the movement quality requirements are very harsh. This section of the Swiss Replica Watches For Sale Armand Nicolet P914MR2 with caliber in 2045TND/TNK automatic chronograph movement for Armand Nicolet watchmaking division through study, layers of grinding and re years of painstaking and into, and the 18 carat gold movement only the top table will be willing to use the pendulum, around the central shaft with bearing and the core contains drilling quantity mark, shows the core containing up to 49 diamond! You know the general movement is more than 20 and 49 drill, drill is to guarantee the movement more accurate and reliable in operation. Function design this movement than modification more stringent, in addition to gold Geneva grain grinding, grinding is used in the treatment of movement on the performance, and not too much to pursue decorative beauty. However, subtle functional processing core is still enough to chamfer consideration accept microscope. The technology of mechanical beauty has risen to the artistic level, is also in the test machine manufacturing division coordination and unity of technology and art.

Handmade Mississippi large brown crocodile leather strap, edge white linen press rough sense but also to the usual accessories style a casual choice. 18K gold clasp carve a Armand Nicolet logo, flanking both sides still with a four 18K gold clasp mark to show that the precious metal materials, advanced wristwatch clasp. In a word, making the precious metal chronograph is integrated into the watchmaker own emotion, beyond the reach of the dead and the watchmaker their mastery of the scale, the concept is not a machine can replace, compared with the cold machine, emotional fusion tabulation division of manual operation is worth a piece of art. Believe that you are wearing it, will also feel the watchmaker kept warm in the wrist watch.

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