Food Safety

Our production employees receive extensive, on-going training on our food safety requirements and operating procedures. We use a state-of-the-art third Party, laboratory with a professional quality assurance staff lead by a Ph.D in Microbiology.

American Foods Group’s Microbiology Laboratory Methodology
- ELISA Immunoassay
- Immunomagnetic separation (IMS)
- Multiplex PCR for genetic detection of pathogenic microorganisms

Cattle Procurement
- Selection of high quality Midwest sourced cattle custom fed to our specifications
- Routine auditing by American Foods Group’s cattle procurement staff at feed lots to insure that cattle selected by American Foods Group meet quality standards
- Tracking of cattle age through birth certificate or dentition/ossification

Religious Harvest
- Harvest facilities located in Long Prairie, Minnesota, South St. Paul, Minnesota, Gibbon, Nebraska and Green Bay, Wisconsin are certified for Halal slaughter.
- Members of the Muslim faith are on site to ensure that the proper prayers are said and procedures followed.
- All meat products are supervised and inspected by the Islamic Society of the Washington Area, Inc. (ISWA).

Validated Pathogen Interventions To Ensure Food Safety
- Spinal Cord Removal and SRM Removal Program

- Pre-evisceration thermal pasteurization
- Post-evisceration thermal pasteurization
- Pre-evisceration organic acid rinse
- Post-evisceration organic acid rinse
- Pre-fabrication organic acid rinse
- Anti microbial chill cycle rinse
- Pre-packaging anti-microbial spray
- Proprietary shank vacuum
- Multiple steam vacuums
- Proprietary neck vacuum
- Continuous best sanitizer in Fabrication floor
- Cutting edge process Control, monitoring program