Popular Movers for Convenience Store Profits

Today's convenience and dollar store industries are increasingly fast-paced and competitive. American Foods Group works with our convenience and dollar store customers to bring you the most popular, well-priced and attractive products available. To help you stay ahead of your competitors, you can count on American Foods Group to provide on-time delivery of the freshest possible products, along with attractive displays to maximize profits and satisfy your customers. Partner with us for the best hot dogs, and frozen fast foods available.

Our Big City Reds all-beef hot dogs and Sheboygan Sausage gourmet weiners, Polish, and Italian sausages are available with a roller grill program. The appealing taste and texture of our hot dogs and sausages will keep your customers coming back for more.

Click on each to download specifications for the roller grill program:

Every possible price point and flavor is available, along with attractive countertop displays.