Portion Cut Steaks & Ground Beef

Consumers across the globe love our quality portion cut steaks & ground beef products. Nothing truly satisfies your appetite like a tender steak or juicy hamburger!


Portion Cut Steaks

Recognized in the United States as one of the premier portion cut steak producers, our steaks are available from our plant in Green Bay, WI, which is BEV approved and an expert in export operations. From Ribeye, Top Sirloins, Strip and Porterhouse steaks, we have a full portfolio of juicy and tender steaks to choose from. Our steak cuts are available in the following grades:


Super Prime

For the customer that needs to have the highest quality of USDA Prime Beef on a consistent basis without having to purchase Kobe or Wagyu Beef. Moderately Abundant and higher on the USDA grading marbling chart. Only program of its kind in the U.S. 

Only offered by American Foods Group.


Double Gold

"Hard Boned" Steer (the cattle is graded based on the age of the cattle and marbling within the Ribeye). Quality is equal to and exceeds USDA Prime Grading; lower cost alternative to USDA Prime.

Only offered by American Foods Group.


Gold Grade

Quality is equal to and exceeds USDA Choice; lower cost alternative to USDA Choice.

Only offered by American Foods Group.


Ungraded Angus

For the restaurateur or retailer that offers Angus on their menu or meat case at a value price. Our 51% Black Angus is a lower cost alternative to the expensive certified programs.  


Ground Beef

As one of the largest producers of ground beef, we are proud to offer a full line of product options ranging from 1 pound to 10 pound chubs and pre-formed patties, in a full spectrum of lean percentages. Packaging options exist for both retail and foodservice operations. Our ground beef production facilities are BEV approved.