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O'Brien's... Taste the Magic!
For more than 20 years O'Brien's premium meat snacks have been the top-selling meat snack line in the vending industry. O'Brien's meat sticks are all beef (no fillers or extenders), with the exception of our Honey Cured Turkey Sticks, which are all turkey. O'Brien's premium meat snacks are also available in grocery and convenience stores as well as other locations.

Double Barrel: Highest Quality at a Lower Price

Double Barrel brand salami sticks are made with pure, lean beef and pork, slow cooked with natural hickory smoke and seasoned from a time-honored family recipe. No MSG, no hydrolized vegetable protein or other fillers. Priced lower than O'Brien's meat snacks and competitors' products, Double Barrel delivers consistent quality at an attractive price.

For more information on O'Brien's or Double Barrel products,
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