Scientific Life Solutions

For over 25 years, Scientific Life Solutions has been a leader and premium supplier of critical components to the bioresearch and biomedical fields. Our one and only mission is to improve the quality of human life through medical advances made within these fields and our work has helped greatly in the areas of diabetes, cardiovascular and atherosclerosis research - to name a few. Via our state of the art, vertically integrated processes, we are able to anticipate the many challenges the biomedical industry faces within the global marketplace. We meet on a regular basis with experts from universities, research institutes and well-established medical companies from across the country so we can be responsive to changing industry standards. We specialize in raising, processing and selling premium swine and related products for biomedical research, pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

Swine & Porcine Tissue: 
Swine are used as a general surgical model for most organs and systems because their anatomy and physiology are similar to humans. They are used for cardiovascular research, digestive system models, transplantation and xenograft research and for regenerative tissue and cell therapy. Our vertically integrated business model ensures the highest quality of swine are used in such applications to enable accurate research results and meet the quality standards and regulatory requirements of medical products. Scientific Life Solutions also offers a complete, controlled and integrated program that provides medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies with high quality, traceable porcine organs, collagen tissue, cells and genetic material for a number of surgical applications.

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