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American Foods Group’s Food Safety and Quality Assurance program is overseen by a team comprised of PhDs, senior leaders, and quality assurance experts. Our employees undergo extensive training on industry best practices and food safety requirements.  

At AFG, we take great pride in ensuring the products we produce are safe and wholesome for everyone. With our food safety culture, employees understand the importance of their job and uphold integrity in providing safe, quality food for all families.  

Over the years, we have refined systems and processes to help ensure our products exceed food safety standards worldwide. Our commitment extends to all our trusted partners, customers, and consumers. We share our food safety expectations with suppliers across our value chain, holding them to the same high standards.  

We have constantly collaborated with our industry partners to advance food safety guidelines and practices everywhere.  

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Microbiology Laboratory

AFG utilizes an accurate DNA-based method that allows testing for multiple pathogen targets with minimal hands-on or processing time. Internationally accredited third-party laboratories and our own second-party laboratories are available to us for product evaluations. This provides a comprehensive analysis of samples, more precise results, and extreme reliability for detecting pathogenic microorganisms.  

Microbiology Laboratory

Ensuring Food Safety

Best Practices

  • Cutting-edge process control and monitoring programs

  • Comprehensive, science, and risk-based approaches to food safety in our systems

  • Utilization of validated process interventions to include thermal pasteurization and organic acid rinses

Our facilities maintain certifications to a global food safety standard through SQF (Safe Quality Foods) and BRC (British Retail Consortium) programs.

All AFG facilities participate in an annual GFSI third-party audit. During these audits, our programs, records, procedures, and floor operations are reviewed to ensure the highest quality of food safety standards. Additionally, each establishment conducts internal audits of its facilities to identify areas of opportunity and help instill a strong food safety culture.  


Humane handling, residue avoidance, and traceability have been cornerstones of our vertically integrated organization. AFG works hard to maintain the trust and confidence of the communities and consumers that we serve. We are stewards of our animals, from receiving through slaughter and processing. Proper and humane treatment of livestock is our mission and a standard operating procedure. We consider the humane handling of animals our moral responsibility, and we fulfill that obligation through training and oversight. We are pleased to provide wholesome beef and pork products produced under these strict guidelines. 

We incorporate the latest technologies and professional consultations to continue leading the industry in these initiatives. The science-based design of our state-of-the-art restrainer, cattle holding facilities, and other animal handling equipment recommended by leading scientists are examples of our commitment.  

AFG has an animal care and well-being policy posted throughout each harvest facility. Our company has a comprehensive animal welfare program, including a written policy for transportation and unloading. Each establishment conducts ongoing audits in accordance with the NAMI Animal Handling and Animal Transportation Audit. AFG actively participates in species-specific transportation programs and stakeholder initiatives to improve animal well-being. AFG also utilizes PAACO-certified auditors to conduct third-party audits of our facilities and practices.  


Protein PACT

AFG is a proud founding sponsor of the Protein PACT, an organization that strengthens animal protein’s contributions to healthy people, healthy animals, healthy communities, and a healthy environment. The Protein PACT gathers organizations across the industry, including AFG, to establish transparent baselines for continuous improvement. This sets ambitious targets for progress to align with global goals and our commitment to communicating our efforts proactively and transparently.  

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