Coulotte Steak

UPC Number: 1421 IMPS/NAMP Number 1184D

Also Known As Beef Loin, Top Sirloin Cap Steak, Boneless (IM); Culotte Steak; Top Sirloin Cap Steak; Top Sirloin Cap, Boneless; With plenty of marbling, this is a juicy and savory steak. Easy to prepare on the grill. Learn more about this beef cut here.

Coulotte Steak

Where This Cut Comes From

Sirloin Primal | Primal Cut

The Sirloin is home to popular fabricated cuts but is first separated into the Top Sirloin Butt and Bottom Sirloin Butt. In the Top Sirlon you’ll find steaks great for grilling, while the Bottom Sirloin provides cuts like Tri-Tip and Sirloin Bavette, which are good for roasting or grilling.



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